Panel 2: „Information als Basis für gesellschaftliches Engagement“ (in englischer Sprache)

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sandramueller_katharinathomsThe second panel is focusing on information as the foundation for all civic involvement.

Sandra Müller’s and Katharina Thoms‘ project “Jeder sechste ein Flüchtling“ lasted for two years. This is extraordinary for the SWR, because the two journalists could follow the refugees in Meßstetten from their first day until their integration. ,,We are making something different, nothing similar to TV, Radio, or other classic media but a new form of media that can be adapted into the conventional media.”  Katharina Thoms elaborated further, ,,People can actually listen to the stories of the protagonists, their daily life and their experiences with the German inhabitants of this little village.”

Jonathan Sachse from the project Correctiv which mainly works with investigative journalism: ,,We are clarifying as well as uncovering false information…it is important that we are checking which source the information is coming from.”

panel2Jonas Schönfelder put emphasis on the importance of society involvement initiated by his project ,,Technische Aufklärung”. ,,People are actually arranging meetings after listening to my podcast to discuss a particular theme that is broadcast.”

Julia Althoff is trying to engage the young generation into politics by means of ,,Mesh Collective”. ,,It is a myth that young people are not interested in politics… which is absolutely false”. She experienced with her project that the youngsters only need the right tools to be connected to. ,,We need young famous people involved in a community such as ‚Dark victory‘ to be listened to.“

Von: Merlis Sayoux, Sherly Kusuma Setiadi, Lionel Tchoungui B, Melissa Molina