Aus der Rede des Staatssekretärs (in englischer Sprache)

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marcjaneumann2“We need to reflect on online respect“- Dr Marc Jan Eumann

The NRW State Secretary for Europe and the Media, Dr Marc Jan Eumann, has prescribed reflection on the respect in our daily online interactions as a means of making the social media a better arena. He made this prescription during his open remark, October 26, during a ceremony marking open the seventh edition of the Social Community Day 2016 under the topic “Civil Engagement in Social Media”.
In his address, the State Secretary emphasized the importance of respecting one another in the course of our online interactions. His words : “We need to think of how we interact with each other online, we still need to reflect on that. That’s what we at the state level have been trying to do. We initiated a project called Netzkodex, which is currently being developed by media actors, as the Grimme Institute and the Landesanstalt für Medien.“
Talking on the day-to-day situation, he added that common rules need to be developed on how we have to treat one another. “The existing laws govern internet use, but we still need to be courageous enough to denounce people who harass us online.“
He further made mention of a week which has been set aside to reflect on what respect is during online interactions, called the Respect Week, which will run this year from the 14th to the 18th of November.
He pointed out the Social Community Day as an example of the social media´s potential to bring people together for a good cause.

Von: Lionel Tchoungui B.