Workshop: Bewegtbild verifizieren (in englischer Sprache)

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Nikolas-LindgenNicolas Lindken is recognized in the internet through his comedy channel „TenseMakesSense“ in YouTube, his target audiences are people between fifteen to twentyfive years old. In this ,,Bewegtbild verifizieren“ workshop he gives an introduction to the audience on how to recognize and check fake videos.

workshop_fakeNicolas gives tips on how to uncover fake videos by means of using certain software and tools that are widely available in the internet such as Google search, Tineye search, Youtube data viewer, Socialblade. Furthermore ,,we can also verify whether the videos are fake or not by the video description, the text underneath it, its quality, and through its formats; we can recognize from which device the video is uploaded: computers, cameras, or smartphones”.

Von: Sherly Kusuma Setiadi, Melissa Molina, Lionel Tchoungui B, Merlis Sayoux