Workshop 1: „Dom 360“ (english)

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mit Stefan Domke und David Ohrndorf, WDR


Stefan Domke und David Ohrndorf, WDR
Fhum. Justice Khumela

Have you ever imagined how you peep in the most secret recesses of the Kölner Dom? Have you ever desired to listen to the choir just over the shoulder of the conductor or stand alongside the singers? This is already possible thanks to the inventive group of people, whose idea for the presentation of the Cathedral of Cologne in 360° won this year’s Grimme Online Award.


Bild: Solomon Eko

Stefan Domke and David Ohrndorf from WDR introduced their winning project in a workshop at the Social Community Day 2017. They began with a brief explanation about the meaning of the Virtual Reality nowadays and how they incarnate it in“Dom 360°”. The main idea of their project is using special, very expensive VR glasses (which cost around a 1,000 €) for exploring different dimensions with a full realistic feeling of the place. The workshop leaders added that this method could also be used in journalistic work for making features, for example.


Bild: Solomon Eko

Stefan Domke and David Ohrndorf implement the technical opportunities of Virtual Reality equipment in their first mutual project, called “Dom 360°”. Anyone who has a smartphone, a computer or preferably VR glasses can take a virtual trip in the Cologne Cathedral – the realistic effect is breathtaking. The sound virtuosity of the cathedral can also be explored during a concert from every acoustic angle: the application shows not only a 360° picture of the building, but also the visitors of the website can take pleasure of the so-called binaural sound – the listeners hear the sound from the right and the same direction it comes from. The quality of the musical experience is on the highest level. The 360° video can be reached on the main website:, and also via application for iOS, Android and Windows. The inventors announced that until now the application has been downloaded 10,000 times. 

Autorin:  Ralitsa Ficheva
Der Social Community Day wird von einer Live-Redaktion dokumentiert. Auch in diesem Jahr besteht diese aus Studenten des Masterstudiengangs „International Media Studies“ der DW-Akademie.